Quake Global-The Leader in Remote Asset Tracking

Modems for Global Asset Tracking, Monitoring and Control

Quake Global is the leading manufacturer of M2M communicators for multiple satellite and terrestrial networks that enable customers to track, monitor and control their assets across the globe.  QUAKE™ is the only maker of network agnostic modems, providing customers with a unified communications protocol across multiple global satellite and terrestrial networks from a single device.

Our dynamic team of quality personnel reflects our commitment to the highest standards of product performance, quality control and customer satisfaction.  QUAKE modems have the highest percentage of satellite in view time in the industry and we pride ourselves not only for delivering a broad range of specialized satellite and GSM communicators, but also on creating a number of highly customizable, fully programmable solutions for the marketplace.  Regardless of the mode of operation or network, all QUAKE modems are rugged and reliable.

These high-quality devices are supplied to OEMs, value-added resellers and final solution providers around the world.  Major applications include asset tracking for heavy equipment, aviation, maritime, trucking, rail, utilities, oil & gas, military and government use. See data sheets for specific product information or contact a QUAKE representative for more information.